• (To Mei) "Haven't you got things mixed up? You say we're under the same conditions, but... I didn't know about the rules 'cause I've just moved here. The conditions aren't the same. Am I right, miss Student Council President?" [1]
  • (To her father's grave) "Dad, I want to introduce you to Mei, my little sister. She's taller than me, and also smarter than me, but she's also clumsy and violent, but gets lonely too. And so, I also have someone I can protect. That's what I came to report!" [2]
  • (To Mei) "If I want to do something, then I will!" [3]

Relationships aren't Games! Don't think of them in such cheap concepts as winning and losing

Yuzu lecturing Matsuri, in love is.[4]

  • (To herself) "Sara looks so happy... She's radiant.... In comparison, I... I'm lying to myself about my feelings. Searching constantly for Mei's figure. If I don't put my heart in my words... In my feelings for her!" [5]
  • (To herself about her feeling's for Mei) "What Mei desires, What Mei needs, I thought I had it all figured out, always thinking about her, but... after being told to doubt whether Mei really sees things the same way. I realize I may just have been forcing my own presumption on Mei. However that Christmas eve, wasn't she...!? No, what am I saying? I love Mei but still...did think was off about Mei that night there definitely wasn't the one who isn't accepting the other's feeling is me. so maybe...if we don't convey our feeling first, we can't accept each other? in that case...! I have got to tell Mei how I feel no matter what!! " [6]

I Yuzu Aihara, am not mistaken that, my romance level risen. Whenever Mei wants to express her true feelings, she will always draw back and bury them deep in her heart... That's why during rare mounts when she shows her true self, it's better if i go all out, and connect our feelings!

Yuzu to herself about deepening her with relationship with Mei , in live to love.[7]

I may be idealistic,I immediately act without thinking and i'm probably a crybaby older sister,but...i vow that i will love you more than anyone in the entire world. so...please, marry me.

Yuzu Aihara to Mei, in Love forever[8]


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