Dad, I want to introduce you to Mei, my little sister. She's taller than me, and also smarter than me, but she's also clumsy and violent, but gets lonely too. And so, I also have someone I can protect. That's what I came to report!

–Yuzu to his gravestone, in Under Lover.[1]


Very little is actually known about Yuzu's father as he is deceased, but he is mentioned routinely in the manga. We know that he had chestnut blond hair.[2]

Yuzu's mother said that once someone commented on Yuzu's appearance, saying that she didn't resemble her father at all. This angered the 3 year old Yuzu, so she began dying her from brown hair to a Chestnut blonde color, so people would think she inherited something from her father.[3]


Himeko ArcEdit

In an attempt to get closer to Mei, Yuzu takes her to go meet him on the anniversary of his death. Mei doesn't know that he is dead, as Yuzu keeps referring to her father as if he were still present. Yuzu doesn't give any hints and at any underlying sadness she may feel.[1]



Yuzu AiharaEdit

His biological daughter, who does not bear any resemblance to him.

Ume AiharaEdit

His wife and mother of his child before he died.





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