Udagawa (宇田川 Udagawa?) is the manager of a café shop and owner of a boarding house. He is referred to as Manager (店長? Tenchō) by Yuzu and Matsuri. He was Yuzu's boss when she was working part time. Initially introduced as a simple cafe owner, it was revealed later that he is the second son to a wealthy family. Due to his older brother inheriting the family business, he was able to live his life making his own choices and living freely. However, due to circumstances with his family, he needed to marry in order to further strengthen business opportunities for the company. According to Mei's grandfather, he is very experienced in business management and was known to be a top student.


Udagawa with Slicked Back Hair

Udagawa (Ch 35) during the engagement party

He has brown hair thick eyebrows wears glasses, typically at wearing his cafe waiter uniform consisting of a black vest over his tie. During his with meeting Mei, he slicks his hair to the side and wears a suit.

Udagawa Serving

Udagawa in his typical cafe uniform


He is gentle and kind towards others and even lets Yuzu say what she needs to say to Mei even though Mei refuses to listen to Yuzu. From his meeting with Mei to establish the arranged marriage, he mentioned how he typically does not deal well with the strict atmosphere of his home and his family's business.




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