The Great Operation to be Happy Love Love with Mei!! (芽衣と幸せになるラブラブ大作戦 Mei to Shiawase ni Naru Raburabu Daisakusen?) is a dating notebook created by Yuzu to help her make the perfect date with Mei, she ended up losing it to Mei the same day she made it. In Yuzu's words, it references romantic movies, mangas, and tv series.


Yuzu ArcEdit

It was made by Yuzu to help her during a date with Mei.[2] Unfortunately, Mei found it and insists on using it instead.[3] Mei follows the notes throughout their first date precisely as they were written.[4] Yuzu felt like the notes were getting in the way of their date, so she threw it away. But, much to her dismay, Mei run's after it, and inadvertently revealed that unlike Yuzu, she doesn't know what to do on their date. This revelation then led Yuzu to laugh at Mei.[5]Mei later used it again to help Yuzu out of her depressed state of finding out that not everyone will approve of their relationship.[6] Mei writes in the book to encourage Yuzu no matter what hardship may happen in the future it shouldn't stop you from being who you are.[7]

Arranged Marriage!? ArcEdit

during the events in Chapter 36, Mei used this notebook to write her last letter to Yuzu that contains her true feelings, doubts, joys, and sadness between the two of them. She wrote this before she left the house to prepare for her arranged marriage with Udagawa. Yuzu found this notebook and read the letter Mei wrote, making Yuzu breakdown into tears. After resolving the arranged marriage, some time pass and Yuzu and Mei finally got married, during the evening time after their wedding Mei changed the title to The Great Operation to be Happy Love Love with Mei and Yuzu.


  • Holding hands while walking to the movie theater.
  • Watching a romantic movie.
  • Going to a Café and ordering the same as Mei.
  • Going to an arcade.
  • Hugging while watching the sunset.

Most of this was altered since Mei had taken the notebook. Mei also wrote in it to help Yuzu when she was depressed.


  • The cover has a drawing of a bear on it.
  • In the Seven Seas Entertainment print it's called The Fall in Love With Mei and Live Happily Ever After Plan!!


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