Saying "it's here" as a response to sitting down on me by mistake sure is interesting.

Suzuran' to Yuzu, in Love one another.[1]

It's funny. (...) I've once been given a nickname in my entire life, so I was surprised. Let's leave that aside.

Suzuran' to Yuzu, in Love one another.[2]

I know more than just your name. You're 16 years old, born August 8th, a Leo, and your blood type is O. second year student in class A, student number is 2, and you're right-handed, you sit in the last seat near the window, you like primary colors, and the color of your top and bottom undergarments are orange, your three measurements are...

Suzuran about Yuzu before being cut by the latter, in Love one another.[3]

Mei Aihara, there's something I want to ask you without feeling ashamed. Ever since the day I noticed you, only you have been on my mind. This feeling of needing to know you grew larger everyday. I couldn't understand why you were the only one I couldn't figure out. Every day was extremely painful. But then, I met Yuzu and I gained a chance to get closer to you. I thought this would finally end my days of being captivated by you, but I was wrong. For some reason, the more I understand you, the more pain I feel. Please tell me, Mei Aihara, just what is this fixation I have for you?

Suzuran to Mei, in Love exe.[4]

To me, her existence isn't that of love. Rather, it has become one of worship.

Suzuran to Yuzu about Mei, in Love exe.[5]

The path of love the two of you share, will further excite your hearts from unknown chemical reactions.

Suzuran to Yuzu about supporting her and Mei relationship, in Love exe.[6]

...This is very interesting. I thought this during the festival as well but, ever since meeting Yuzu-pon, it feels like the world has opened up.

Suzuran to Mei about how she sees things now due to Yuzu, in Secret love.[7]

A relationship is the responsibility of those in love,In other words there will be problems that they will have to overcome by themselves, Right now,there's only one thing we could do for them And that is to believe in the path that they chose to walk on together.

Suzuran to Himeko encouraging her to have faith in Yuzu and Mei , in My love and your love..[8]


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