...This is very interesting. I thought this during the festival as well but, ever since meeting Yuzu-pon, it feels like the world has opened up.

Suzuran to Mei about how she sees things now due to Yuzu, in Secret love.[1]

Suzuran Shiraho (白帆 鈴蘭 Shiraho Suzuran?) is a graduate of Aihara Academy.


Suzuran has an odd appearance. She has long, curly dark green hair, reaching her back, and narrow eyes of the same color.[3] She is usually seen wearing her school uniform. She wears dark gloves reaching past her elbows and dark knee socks. All of this give her a sinister appearance. At her house she wears a yukata, outside of school she carries a dark umbrella.


Suzuran is very observant, discovering many things about people just from observing, though she also got info about Yuzu from the student ID card she dropped. Despite her sinister appearance she is nice and kind willing to help Yuzu with her summer supplementary classes, and fully accept that she was dumped by Mei when her feelings of love was not return and instead decides to idolize/worship Mei. Because of her family inheritance, she must not let her emotions show on her face.


  • "Suzuran" (鈴蘭?) is the Japanese name of the lily of the valley. It also literally means "bell orchid".
  • "Shiraho" (白帆?) literally means "white sail".
  • Yuzu appears to believe Suzuran has psychic powers.[4]


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