O-oh, excuse me! U-um, well. I... I just- I just wanted to say that I'm a huuuuuge fan of you, Yuzu-senpai!

Nene Nomura to Yuzu Aihara, in To be in Love.[1]

Nene Nomura (野村 寧音 Nomura Nene?) is a big fan of Yuzu Aihara and a new student at the Aihara Academy.


When Nene was still a junior high school student, she had dark hair and light-colored eyes, and wore the school uniform properly. She has since dyed her hair blonde and started customizing her uniform, like Yuzu. She usually wears her hair in short pigtails on the sides of her head. As of chapter 20, she dyes her hair back to the natural color.[2]


She seems to be rather timid, as she apparently stalked Yuzu for some time before building up the courage to talk to her, and waited for Mei to go away.[3] Despite her shyness, she does her best to overcome her fears. She holds the belief that Yuzu and Harumi are (or should be) a couple, claiming herself to be part of the HaruYuzu faction (はるゆず派 HaruYuzu-ha?).[4] Some time's her fantasy of Haruyuzu can case her to have a nosebleed or even faints from excitement.


  • "Nene" (寧音?) means "serene sound".
  • "Nomura" (野村?) means "field village".
  • The way she refers collectively to Yuzu and Harumi as "HaruYuzu" (はるゆず?) refers to how Japanese fans form couple names, joining the first two syllables of each character's names.


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