LOVE IS POP! is the Leaflet of Volume 5 of the Citrus manga. It was released on May 18th, 2016. It consists of the stories Nene's HaruYuzu Adventure (ネネのはるゆず道 Nene no HaruYuzu Michi?) and Seeing New Facial Expressions...... (いろんな表情がみたいから…… Ironna Hyōjō ga Mitai Kara......?).


Nene's HaruYuzu Adventure

Nene Citrus+
Coming Soon.

Seeing New Facial Expressions......

Seeing New Facial Expressions
After seeing a picture of Mei laughing when she was younger Yuzu after trying and failing to make her laugh, Yuzu tries to tickle Mei only to get more then she bargained for.