Kumagorō (クマ五郎?) is the big stuff teddy bear of the Aihara family. Mei received the stuffed bear as a gift from Shō to Mei.


Himeko ArcEdit

Kumagorō was brought home by Shō as a gift for Mei.[2] Kumagorō usually sits at kitchen table.[3][4]There are times that Mei sleeps with Kumagorō.

Matsuri ArcEdit

Mei is seen hugging him while watching a romantic movie.[5]

Momoiro Shimai 2Edit

When Yuzu was watching Mei as she sleeps, Mei hugs Yuzu to Yuzu's surprise, but it turns out Mei confused Yuzu with Kumagorō. This causes Yuzu to be jealous of Kumagorō. She is scolded by Mei after trying to bully him. [1] Yuzu then ask angrily if Kumagorō or herself is more important to her much to Mei's confusion.


  • Throughout the series, Kumagorō has been given food on more than one occasion, like fish or meat.
  • In the Seven Seas Entertainment print he is called Mr Bear.


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