Vice-president, you're enjoying yourself, aren't you?

Glasses-Senpai to Himeko, in Harumin and Glasses-Senpai.[1]

Kayo Maruta (丸田(まるた) 加代(かよ) Maruta Kayo?), commonly known as Glasses-Senpai (メガネ先輩(せんぱい) Megane-Senpai?), is a graduate and a recurring character in the manga Citrus. She is a second year student in Aihara Academy and a former member of the Student Council. Like Himeko, was a vice-president.[4] She is Mitsuko's closest friend.


Kayo has mid-neck length black hair styled in a bob cut. She wears glasses with large d-shaped lenses, hence her nickname. These glasses usually obscure her light aqua eyes.


Unlike her Student Council fellows, Kayo is a shy and meek, but also friendly, girl. She is prone to stuttering and easily flustered.


  • "Maruta" means "round (rice) field".
  • "Kayo" means "beautiful generation".


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