Kana (仮名(かな)?) and Manami (マナミ?) are characters in the manga series Citrus. They are both Middle School friends of Yuzu Aihara.


Kana has long and wavy black hair while Manami has medium-length brown styled in a bob, both also have fair skin complexion and grey eyes. Kana is visibly taller.


Not much is known about their personalities, but they appear to have similar interests to Yuzu. They are also homophobic.[citation needed] Despite their homophobic behavior, they both congratulated Yuzu and Mei's marriage and told her to take Mei they next time they get together.


  • "Kana" (仮名(かな)?) literally means "pseudonym".
  • "Manami" (?) can have multiple meanings depending on the kanji (愛美, "love, beauty"; 愛海, "love, sea"; 愛未, "love, sheep"), but Manami's name has no meaning due to being written in Katakana.



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