Love Me Do! is the 4th episode of the Citrus anime. It was released on January 27th, 2018


As Yuzu avoids coming home out of fear of having to face Mei, she is approached by Himeko, who is Mei's childhood friend, about what their relationship is. After telling Yuzu about how Mei's father left her, Himeko lies about Mei being hurt by Yuzu's actions, leading her to feel guilty until she runs into Mei, who calls her by her first name and tells Himeko that they are now sisters.

Later that night, Mei apologises to Yuzu and gives her her first mutual kiss. The next day, Himeko, jealous of how close Yuzu is to Mei, forces herself upon Mei and brags about "crossing the line" with her to Yuzu, who becomes anxious when Mei won't tell her anything about it.