one's first love is the 2nd episode of the Citrus anime. It was released on January 13th, 2018


As Yuzu remains bewildered by Mei's actions towards her, she gets on bad terms with the school's chairman, Mei's grandfather. She and Harumi then overhear Amamiya, Mei's alleged fiancée, speaking with his own lover and is just marrying Mei for her money and status.

Despite Mei stating that she already knows and doesn't care, Yuzu notices her crying in her sleep over her father. The next day, Yuzu takes the stage to publicly announce Amamiya's affair in front of the whole school, using her status as the chairman's granddaughter to support her claims.

That night, however, Yuzu discovers that Mei has been taken away to the chairman's place, leaving Ume distraught. Feeling guilty, Yuzu goes to the chairman's house to confront Mei over how she really feels, but gets caught in a compromising position by the chairman, who expels her. Explaining her situation to Harumi, Yuzu comes to the realization that she is in love with Mei.