• AustinDR

    Mei's Improvement

    March 9, 2018 by AustinDR

    So far, really impressed with Mei’s progression in the anime so far. Initially, I disliked Mei for many reasons namely just being a downright bitch towards Yuzu, especially during those times that Yuzu was trying to do something nice for her. I mean, I get the initial reason for her dislike because of her violating the dress code when she first transferred to the academy, and that she tends to get into things without fully thinking about the consequences, but when Yuzu’s mom remarried, Mei originally doesn’t even bother to try to get to know Yuzu, calling her an idiot at one point when they were having dinner, ignoring her, and then forcefully kissing her in order to make a point on how disgusting it was to kiss the homeroom teacher, or fo…

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  • Mari-Sempai

    Lol hiiii

    May 10, 2016 by Mari-Sempai

    Ikr yuri is bae wutt is lyfe and y does the word bees blue? all dese quessians, buh no1 2 answe den innit bruv

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  • Juanito316

    Chapter 16 summary

    July 19, 2015 by Juanito316

    I know it's weird to post this on a blog, but I'm writing a full summary for chapter 16 and I need help with it. So here it is right now:

    The chapter begins with Sara asking Mei if they can kiss, and Mei says it's alright. Meanwhile, Nina has thrown herself over Yuzu to prevent her from going after Mei and Sara. Yuzu tells Nina to calm down, noting that to be embarrassing, but Nina says that she won't let Yuzu go after Mei if Yuzu doesn't keep her promise. Yuzu then asks Nina why she is involving in Sara's love life, if it's Sara and Mei who are dating. Nina, crying, starts to explain that Sara always helps others, while leaving her own happiness in second place. So, if Yuzu says she likes Mei, Sara will surely give up on Mei. Nina says she…

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