High school is like mating season

–Harumin's response to Yuzu's question about whether girls date each other in the school.[citation needed]

Aihara Academy (藍原学園 Aihara Gakuen?) is the name of the high school in Citrus. It is a prestigious, conservative all girls' school which is owned by the Aihara family, and contains teachers of both sexes. Mei's Grandfather is the chairman of Aihara Academy, whilst Mei Aihara is the Student Council President of the Academy. It's population is made up of young girls who belong to the elite upper class, and who frequently engage in sexual activities with one another until they are married, according to Harumin.[citation needed]

Students here are not allowed to wear make-up, and are kept under strict regulations for their code of conduct, such as keeping correctly formal uniform and keeping their skirts at an appropriate length. Yuzu fails to uphold these expectations, and as a result is often frowned upon by the upper elite class that attend this school. According to Suzuran, many of the Students that attend Aihara Academy come from families with names in history and wealthy parents.

Other School divisions

School council

Harumin also tells Yuzu in chapter 1 that "practically everyone this this academy is an escalator system from Elementary school" and that "They're all very sheltered kids". Moreover, in chapter 18, Momokino recognizes Nene from Aihara's Middle school division, suggesting that Aihara Academy is an extension of three schools. It is currently unknown if there is an Aihara University in the manga.

Aihara Family

Originally, Mei's father Shō Aihara was next in line to run the academy, but after his departure (5 years before the series' beginning), Mei had been left with the burden of preparing herself to take over the academy once her grandfather had retired, or died. Ever since meeting her father again however, she has come to the conclusion that she will run the academy of her own accord, leaving any dreading she felt far behind her.[citation needed]

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