Help needed

I have issues on the wiki which I need help with. Can the other users in the wiki help me?

I've cropped a lot of images from the manga to use in the wiki, like in chapter/character articles, image galleries, etc. Most of them are from chapter 7, though. xD Can anyone help me getting more images for the wiki? I thought we could add images on chapter articles so that they're a better sight to the reader, and maybe we can create image galleries for each character, too. :P

And I said multiple times, I want to add plot sections to all characters' articles, but I need help for that. It's also part of the reason why I made these images. :P

I also need help with creating new articles, such as an article for the Drama CD, articles for the rest of the characters (I want to wait until we know more about Harumi's sister before creating an article for them, though), and for fixing all already-existing articles.

I also need help with writing a full summary for Chapter 16, here.